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Hooded Eye Makeup Tips: Tutorial on How to Apply Eyeshadow and Eyeliner That Lift Your Eyes

While all eye shapes, from round eyes to downturned eyes, are beautiful, they all have specific needs to achieve makeup looks that suit them, most notably of which is the uniquely beautiful hooded eye shape. Hooded eyes are most common among Asian ethnicity, but are also common among every other race as well. Hooded eyes owe their appearance to a small flap of excess skin under each eyebrow. This can make makeup application for hooded eyes a little bit complicated. Just like the color of your hair or the presence of attached earlobes, the shape of your eyes is just one of many genetic traits visible on your face.

18 Makeup Brushes You Absolutely Have to Have and How to Use Them 0

18 Makeup Brushes You Absolutely Have to Have and How to Use Them

Often when I meet clients for the first time and I open my brush kit containing ‘just’ 48 makeup brushes (don’t worry, I’m only going to recommend the 18 makeup brushes you need and how to use them in this article) their faces either show signs of bewilderment and wonder or, if you’re like me, the first time I opened my brush kit, complete overwhelm! Why on earth would you need 48 different brushes!? Little did I know, as a makeup artist on a busy day, that I would be wishing I had more! 48 different kinds…